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Terms & Conditions for Users

Before getting to this website, you are consenting to be limited by these Terms and Conditions of Use, every single appropriate law, guidelines, and concur that you are answerable for consistency with any material neighborhood laws. If you disagree with any of these terms, you are restricted from utilizing or getting to this website.



* You could not use any logo, trademarks and name of our company in any publicity brochure, flyers, banner,bill board, visiting card or in any other means otherwise we have reserved the right to take any decisions or action against you.


* This working is highly risky, you are staking with us at your own risk and in any circumstances you will not launch any complaints against us in individual or in group capacity.


* Profit will fluctuate regularly as per shariat rules, profit and loss both chances are there to counter.


* Company has all rights to use the staking amount in any legal and ethical business to earn profit.


* For refund and claims refund policy will apply.


* Staking duration is 2 years with in duration if you disobey abide any terms and conditions or policy of the company, we have the right to take any decisions against you.


* After 2 years the principal staking amount will be refunded.



For any other issues please contact support or your upline.